Does CBD As Hair Care Help Hair Grow?

CBD for hair

Does CBD As Hair Care Help Hair Grow?

CBD for hair
CBD for hair

What role does CBD as hair care play in hair treatment, in terms of reducing hair loss and influencing hair growth and health? Can CBD really help with various hair problems? Let’s see whether CBD is a good hair care product or not.

Hair concerns have been one of the most main problems for people all over the world, and only a few treatments were proven to be effective. In a case study conducted by Smith and Satino (2021), there was an average of 93.5% increase in the hair growth of 35 subjects after six months. Moreover, even though the use of CBD oil for hair care needs further evidence, several people already use CBD shampoos and oils to treat their hair condition.

Moreover, CBD oil seems to have more than just the expected advantages. To manage hair loss, you may use CBD-infused hair care products or plain CBD oil. Although CBD oil has little or no direct effect on hair health, it may help manage a variety of underlying conditions that may cause hair loss.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical component that can be extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. It is a natural ingredient that is usually used or infused in products, such as oils and edibles, in order to make its consumption more convenient.

Furthermore, the endocannabinoid system in our bodies is a difficult and complicated system that helps control the normal operation of our skin and other organs. Moreover, CBD, as a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant, interacts with the receptors in our body to let us feel the benefits and possible effects of CBD.

What Is CBD’s Function in Hair Care?

Cannabis and its substances have recently captivated the attention of nearly every industry you could think of. Apart from the remarkable therapeutic claims that this plant has, the plant’s constituents are said to be capable of dealing with daily issues, such as hair loss.

Moreover, CBD is regarded by some as an essential oil as it controls sebum formation, making it ideal for oily, dry, or natural hair. Also, since it contains less THC, it is non-psychoactive, so you won’t have to think about it harming your emotional or physical state.

CBD oil users claim that using CBD can be beneficial. Here are 4 benefits that CBD as hair care may offer.

  • CBD Improves Hair Development.

Suffering from hair loss may be quite frustrating, especially when your hair starts thinning out and having bald spots. Furthermore, since factors as dandruff, chemical deposits, and lack of nutrients may restrict your hair growth, managing your hair loss will need an ingredient that could promote hair growth.

However, some studies suggest the use of CBD oil along with your daily hair care routine. Since CBD oil contains omega fatty acids which may moisturize the hair and nourish the cuticles, these may help you achieve the thick and silky hair that you desire.

  • CBD May Prevent Hair from Breakage and Damage.

Some experts claim that CBD oil is one of the most effective treatments for repairing and restoring damaged hair. It contains a moisturizing component that may help manage dryness, dead hair, and may also make your hair texture become smooth. 

The factors that affect your hair breakage and damage are because of too much exposure to dust, pollution, and UV radiation damages. CBD oil is also said to be able to work on the scalp to remove chemical buildup that stops the growth and development of the hair. These hair treatments also help to support the roots of your hair by giving them the nutrients they need for healthy hair development, such as iron and calcium.

In addition, CBD oil also preserves the hair from water depletion by maintaining its appearance, making it moisturized and nourished, even in extreme weather. The anti-oxidants from the oil may protect the hair from environmental damage and other harmful contamination.

  • CBD May Help Manage Hair Loss Caused By Stress and Hormones.

Hair loss can also be caused by stress and hormonal changes. For example, menopause for women causes drastic hormonal changes, which may result in hair fall or receding hairlines. However, while external treatment may not help you manage this condition, CBD as hair care may be an option for you.

CBD has some effect in the regulation of hormones in the body. Hence, its components may aid in stabilizing the hormonal changes and managing hair fall.

In addition to hormones, stress can also be a primary cause of hair loss. Since several people found CBD an effective relaxant and de-stressor, this may work for you, too. However, these claims still have insufficient evidence, so make sure to consult an expert first before resorting to this.

  •  CBD May Help With Problems In The Scalp.

Scalp irritation, coupled with the patchy flakingof the scalp, may hinder hair growth and even result in hair loss. However, CBD oil is suggested to have properties that can manage the inflammation in the scalp. In addition, it is also claimed to have some antimicrobial properties, which may lessen the risks of dandruff from scalp infections.


Using CBD as hair care may have a significant positive impact, especially for those suffering from the four factors mentioned above. These unique properties in the ingredients may provide a complete solution to the hair issues you’re experiencing. Hence, it can be extremely beneficial to a lot of people due to its claimed effects on hair growth.

However, always remember to consult a specialist before using any CBD-infused product, such as a CBD oil, in order to avoid possible adverse effects. While there are studies that have evidence of its effectiveness, further investigation is still needed in order to make sure that it is effective and safe to use.

Nevertheless, if you want to achieve the silky, shiny, and luscious hair you desire, you may consider using CBD as a hair care product in order to achieve the look that you desire.

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