CBD for arthritis pain : Does CBD help with arthritis pain?

CBD for arthritis pain

CBD for arthritis pain : Does CBD help with arthritis pain?

CBD for arthritis pain
CBD for arthritis pain

Patients suffering from chronic arthritic pain often consider cannabidiol or CBD as a treatment. CBD is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis plants that comes with a host of healing properties without producing any kind of cerebral or physical high. The curative properties of CBD are wide-ranging and patients of epilepsy, PTSD, anxiety and many forms of chronic pain have reported the therapeutic effects of this cannabidiol. In today’s post, we are going to talk about the use of CBD for arthritic pain while suggesting the 10 best CBD rich strains that will provide lasting relief from pain.

CBD for arthritic pain: Can it really help?

According to Herve Damas, a doctor, and founder of Grassroots Herbals, a Miami based CBD manufacturing company, “Cannabinoids can inhibit or excite the release of neurotransmitters and play a role in modulating the body’s natural inflammatory response, which are the two things we’re concerned about when talking about CBD for arthritis.” CBD is effective for two kinds of pain- it works on the sore joints of the body and the CNS or central nervous system, from where the signals of pain are sent out to the brain whenever it senses any kind of stimulation or injury in the cells and nerves. CBD helps to calm the response which is the reason it is commonly prescribed as a pain medication for patients with arthritis. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD make it a great alternative for patients with arthritis who rely on habit-forming medications and opioids.

It’s worth mentioning here that there are many different types of arthritis and although pain is a fundamental feature of all of them, the rest of the conditions are not similar. Different medications are prescribed for different varieties of arthritis and the objective of the treatment is to reduce stiffness in joints and pain. However, CBD is not an ideal medication for rheumatoid arthritis and patients need to stick to their prescription drugs rather than experiment with CBD oil.

CBD for arthritis pain: 10 strains for your wellness regime

1.      Charlotte’s Web

One of the most popular medical cannabis strains of our time, this one offers a CBD to THC ratio of 27:1. The remarkable CBD concentration makes it a suitable remedy for chronic pain, seizures, depression, ADHD, and lack of appetite.

2.      Harlequin

This Sativa dominant cannabis strain offers CBD content of 6% to 15% and THC between 4% to 10%. Winner of several Cannabis Cups, Harlequin is not only famous for its medical properties but also for its rich texture and aroma. It has an earthy woody scent that comes with a hint of citrus fruits and musk. Although it isn’t going to get you high, the after-effects of this strain are rather enjoyable.

3.      Cannatonic

Cannatonic is a CBD rich weed strain that can help ease the symptoms of many ailments including arthritis. With a CBD to THC ratio of 1:1 it comes with a THC percentage of around 6% and CBD content between 6% to 17%. This super relaxing strain will ease your pain and gently lull you to deep sleep. It is also used to calm spasms, migraines, nausea, stress, and anxiety.

4.      Ringo’s Gift

This CBD high strain which is often prescribed for cancer patients is also known to work great on patients with arthritis. A cross of ACDC and Harle Tsu, this strain is highly beneficial in all its forms including oil, buds, tinctures or shatter.

5.      CBD Therapy

CBD Therapy is for those users who want to use cannabis purely for medicinal purposes. This is the only strain in the world that offers a perfectly balanced THC to CBD ratio of 1:20. The buds of this strain come with a CBD content of 10% and are often used for preparing the most potent CBD tinctures and oils. It will ease your joint pain and can be safely taken several times a day without much chance of getting high.

6.      Remedy

Created primarily for medical marijuana users this strain as its name suggests, gives the user lasting relief from pain and a number of other ailments. The buds of Remedy have CBD content of 12%- 16% and THC content as low as 0.7% to 1%. This strain isn’t going to produce any cerebral effects and can be taken by patients of arthritis several times a day. It relaxes your body, calms your mind, eases muscle tension and relieves all traces of depression and anxiety.

7.      Harle Tsu

One of the best of all the high CBD strains, this one might not be easily available in your medical marijuana dispensary. This is one of those few CBD strains whose intoxicating effects are nil. This terpene-rich weed strain helps to treat several conditions including inflammation, nausea, and insomnia.

8.      Pennywise

Pennywise is an Indica heavy strain that not only comes with a high proportion of CBD but also offers a mellow THC kick. Although it has a THC content of 12% to 15% the presence of CBD counteracts the cerebral effects of THC and keeps the high to a minimum. Unlike other CBD rich strains, this one offers a well-balanced mind and body high without giving you the slightest trace of anxiety or paranoia.

9.      Juanita la Lagrimosa

This weed strain grown originally in the Mediterranean is a 50:50 hybrid strain that offers a substantial concentration of CBD. However, users who don’t want any psychoactive effect should steer clear from this strain as it will give off a mild cerebral buzz and mood boost. It works great on chronic pain, migraines, stress and anxiety.

10.  OG Kush CBD

The CBD version of this stoner’s favorite strain offers a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC and therefore gives you a slight head high. A Sativa dominant strain, OG Kush CBD gives your body a CBD boost for pain relief while giving you a pleasant body melt.

If you want to experiment with CBD therapy for your arthritis-related pain then talk to a doctor today. Once you know your right remedy you need to log in to a reliable online weed dispensary in Canada and order away.

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