Can CBD Oil For Pets With Anxiety Work?

CBD Oil For Pets

Can CBD Oil For Pets With Anxiety Work?

CBD Oil For Pets
CBD Oil For Pets

Anxiety is common for pets, especially those who experienced neglect, abuse, and cruelty. If you have heard about CBD for humans, there is also CBD oil for pets with anxiety. Do you have pets that are suffering from anxiety? Why not give it a try? Let this article help you discover the CBD oil for your pets. 

What Is Anxiety In Pets?

If us humans experience anxiety, you have to know that your pets can also feel anxious too. However, it can be present in any breed of dog, and the effects vary. It can be experienced often by your pets, especially if they have a level of anxiety. If it is not monitored, they are at high risk of developing anxiety disorder. Ignoring this condition can lead to other serious issues that affect their behavior. 

How can you determine if your pet is suffering from anxiety? What are the treatments for pet anxiety? At the bottom of this article, you will know everything about anxiety, symptoms, causes, and CBD oil for pets with anxiety

We will be discussing the tips to prevent anxiety in your pets. By that, you can prevent them from feeling anxious and you will have an idea on how to cure or manage them. 

Causes Of Pet Anxiety

According to a veterinarian, the anxiety in pets is caused by various factors. Below are listed the common factors:

  • Separation
  • Aging
  • Fear

Separation Anxiety

Approximately 14% of pets were affected by separation anxiety. The pets suffering from separation anxiety can’t find support when they are separated and alone without their family. Separation anxiety is characterized by unpleasant behavior. 

Age-related Anxiety

In this factor, when your pets are aging, the more they are at risk of developing anxiety and CDS or cognitive dysfunctions syndrome. CDS are often compared to the primary stages of Alzheimer’s disease, which affects the perception, awareness, learning, and memory of the pets. It can expectedly contribute to the confusion and anxiety of old pets. 

Fear Anxiety

In fear-related anxiety, it can be from visual stimuli such as umbrellas or hats, loud noises like fireworks, strange people and environment, and travels. 

Common Signs Of Pet Anxiety

How do pets with anxiety often characterized, and what are the signs and symptoms? You can determine that a pet is suffering from anxiety if they exhibit the following:

  • Excessive barking
  • Aggression
  • Destructive behavior
  • Restlessness
  • Drooling
  • Panting
  • Repetitive or compulsive behaviors
  • Urinating or defecating in the house
  • Depression
  • Pacing

Several symptoms are brought by various anxiety-causing events. However, some of these symptoms are repeated, which may lead to other serious conditions. According to veterinarians, aggression is one of the threatening symptoms of pet anxiety. The aggression can be determined indirectly or directly. 

Indirect aggression is when a person is in between the dog and the dog’s source of aggression, which can be another pet. Direct aggression is when the pet is acting aggressively toward people or other animals. If the pet was stopped beforehand, aggressive acts still occur, including excessive barking or growling. In this situation, it can unpleasantly affect humans and pets. 

Don’t you know that if your pets are peeing and pooping inside the house, they may have separation anxiety? Toilet training is often taught to the pets, however, anxious pets may poop or pee inside the house. This is one of the reasons why pet owners are frustrated sometimes because it can cause them to repetitive cleanup, and damaged appliances are the worst.

CBD Oil For Pets With Anxiety

There are pet owners who used CBD oil for pets with anxiety that got successful results. CBD is one of the primary compounds of hemp and cannabis plants. Humans found this cannabis compound useful for treating various kinds of health conditions. Until later on, experts in the field of veterinary medicine also found out that CBD can be useful in treating pet anxiety. We collected data from pet owners who used CBD oil on their pets and declared that it is effective in treating the condition.

Even though lots of pet owners and humans can testify to the effectiveness of CBD in treating different health conditions, there is still not enough studies and scientific data that can prove the range of the effect of the plant. Therefore, before treating your pet with CBD oil or other products, it is safer to consult your veterinarian. Veterinarians are the experts in determining the status of your pet. They can prescribe the proper dosage of CBD oil for your anxious pets without worrying about overdose, risks, and side effects.  

Does CBD Oil For Pets With Anxiety Make Them High?

Lots of pet owners are worried about getting their pets high when consuming CBD oil for pets with anxiety. Cannabis plants have two different strains with different purposes in both human and pet’s bodies. CBD oil for pets with anxiety is collected from hemp plants that contain a high level of CBD; which is known for treating conditions. Cannabis plants that contain THC are the ones that can make you high since THC has the psychoactive property that influences behavior, thinking, and pleasure. 

What You Must Consider When Buying CBD Oil

Some pet owners are cautious to treat their pets with marijuana because THC is dangerous to pets, but CBD is considered safe. To avoid uncertainty, if you are a pet owner and planning to use CBD oil for pets with anxiety, you must always check the content of your oil. The oil must only contain 0.3% or less THC content. 

Your pets will relax when they are given CBD oil without THC content or lesser than 0.3%, assuring you that your pet won’t experience high as a side effect. 


Anxiety is not only visible to humans, animals can experience it, too. Some individuals use CBD products to ease their anxiety and to treat various conditions. If a human can use CBD oil to treat anxiety, there is also CBD oil for pets with anxiety

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