Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Sex and Enhancing Your Sexual Health

CBD Oil for Sex

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Sex and Enhancing Your Sexual Health

CBD Oil for Sex
CBD Oil for Sex

Since the legalization of marijuana in North America, many consumers are wondering how the use of CBD can intensify their sexual activity and revive emotions and feelings that can often dissipate with age and after going through various life changes. The sex related problems can manifest themselves in the form of suffering from pain while having intercourse or experiencing pain after intercourse is over. This is exactly when CBD oil for sex comes into play.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the topical application of CBD infused lubes on the genitalia enhances the flow of blood in this region and in females, it can result in intense orgasms. There are a wide variety of products ranging from topicals like gels, suppositories, lubes, creams and edibles like capsules, tinctures, oils, and gummies that will let you have a great time on the bed. So keep reading on to find out more.

CBD oil for sex: What are the uses?

If you are wondering why you need to make use of CBD oil for sex then keep in mind that it can help you with a lot of issues you might come across during an intimate session.

It can help to treat erectile dysfunction:

The practitioners of Ayurveda have since long been using various parts of the cannabis plant to enhance sexual performance. CBD is said to relax your blood vessels and lead to an increase in blood flow to the penis which in turn helps to counter erectile dysfunction and promotes lasting intercourse.

Better lubrication:

Women who are trying to find a way to stay wet during intercourse so as to avoid painful sex should try and use the CBD lubes. It not only eliminates pain but also helps to heighten the pleasure during sex. Moreover, the CBD lubricants come with anti-inflammatory properties that make intercourse more comfortable. You will also find several THC based lubricants in the market that will also boost your sex drive.

Enhanced pleasure during sex

While CBD oil helps to ease your mind and body, it is also known to promote a sense of desire. Many users have reported that regular use of CBD infused lubricants promote arousal and prepare the body for a mind-blowing sexual experience.

Many people are looking to the use of CBD oil for sex for many reasons, including getting rid of the pain from a wide array of chronic conditions, including endometriosis. A few of the other reasons why you might want to start using these products include:

· Higher levels of pleasure
· For easing pre-sex anxiety and stress, including performance anxiety
· For setting the perfect mood

How to Choose the Right CBD Oil for Sex

Another thing that you need to consider is how to pick the right product for the bedroom, especially if you haven’t purchased these kinds of products before. Here are a few tips that will help you with choosing the right product.

  • THC based – Ensure that you aren’t just buying any CBD oil for sex. You will find numerous CBD products for sex in your local cannabis dispensary or on the internet but you need to make an informed decision before making the purchase by checking out all the reviews. You don’t want to go with just any product, so make sure that you are doing the necessary research to find the best product before placing the order.
  • Ideal dosage – Another thing to consider is the dosage and you should start with small quantities and then increase it with time. If you don’t feel any difference, then you can increase the dosage every few days until you feel relaxed and less anxious. However, if you feel worse or if you aren’t feeling better, then go back down to the earlier dosage.
  • Usage – Also, if you are going for a lubricant you need to make sure that it’s compatible with latex or condoms. There are different products that are not compatible with latex such as Awaken created by Foria or Personal Lubricant from Privy Peach.
  • Packaging –Ideally you should experiment with the small packs and if they suit you then you can go ahead and buy the bigger sizes. There are plenty of options if you want to get tube-based products like Bella’s Aqua d’Amore or Velvet Swing from Velvet Swing. If you want to have a few small packets with you in your purse, then go ahead and check out Privy Peach’s Personal Lubricant available in 3 ml sizes.
  • Time – You also need to ensure that you are planning ahead of time. Make sure to use the product before you get started with lovemaking. You should know that it will take some time for the products to produce its effects. Ensure that you are applying it at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before heading into the bedroom so it will have plenty of time to start working.

Very few users have reported experiencing allergic reactions after the use of CBD products for sex that come with oil and fragrances. Some have also experienced mild stomach problems, fatigue, loss of appetite and other minor issues. This is why you always need to few a few extra bucks and choose the best products available.

If you are finding that your intercourse is not as enjoyable as it once used to be, then you might want to consider trying CBD oil for sex and wait for the results. Also, make sure that the CBD extraction method is mentioned on the packaging or on the product page. CO2 method of extraction is by far known to be the best in terms of purity although they will cost you a little more. It will not only help to provide the area with a bit of extra lubrication but will also help you relax and make you feel less anxious about the entire process. Make sure that you are picking the right product that can work for your needs.

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