Does CBD Go Bad? Things You Should Know

Does CBD Go Bad

Does CBD Go Bad? Things You Should Know

Is your CBD starting to seem just a bit off to you? You will start asking “Does CBD go bad?”

Does CBD really go bad? The simple answer is yes. CBD can go bad. For most of the things we drink, eat, or consume as a treatment, it’s hard to tell precisely when the shelf life is finished. Like most consumable products, CBD (or cannabidiol) features a time period and expiration date that buyers should be careful about so as to avoid consuming it when it has a foul taste, as it can cause hormonal imbalance.

Typically, CBD has a long shelf life spanning between 12 and 24 months. This is a lower lifespan but straightly, it’s a year-plus expiration. It can stay longer than the expected expiration date provided that you follow the right storage rules. But what is most important is that users should consume these products before the expiration date.

Why Does CBD Go Bad?

While even the simplest CBD oils do expire, their long shelf life will keep the abundance of advantages coming in for months. The word “expire” tends to cause concern but expired CBD won’t cause you to be sick; it just won’t smell or taste excellent. But while we’re asking “Does CBD go bad?”, let’s mention how long it always lasts and how to preserve it well so that it lasts longer.


How Long Does CBD Last?

Fortunately for consumers, the time period of a CBD oil bottle is a little bit longer than the milk’s gallon. There are plenty of variables which will impact the result, including how well you store the merchandise, but most experts predict that the shelf life of CBD oil has to be anywhere from 1-2 years.

When we ask “does CBD go bad?” and therefore think about the way CBD oil expires, we’re concerned about the degradation of the quality of the infusions and extracts. Essentially, it means the compound becomes less potent over time and breaks down. However, due to the long shelf life, most users will find themselves replacing their supply long before this degradation takes place.

How To Tell If CBD Has Gone Bad

The simplest and quickest way to find out if CBD oil has gone bad is by smell and taste. Thankfully, it’s not going to be there since expired CBD has one other telling sign: visual appearance. CBD oil that has expired will often appear cloudy. By holding the bottle and examining its contents, you can already tell if your CBD oil is nearing the top of shelf life and will stop asking “Does CBD go bad?”.

How To Preserve And Extend The Shelf Life Of CBD

For users who want to increase the shelf life of their CBD products and who want to stop asking “Does CBD go bad?”, these are some simple strategies and storage practices to make CBD products stay fresh throughout their shelf life:

  • Avoid heat, light, and air
  • Keep your CBD far away from harsh weather elements as soon as possible. Heat, light, and oxygen degrade both the carrier base and therefore the cannabidiol in CBD products. 
  • Keep caps or lids tight when not in use
  • Keep CBD products in a cool, dark place, such as a pantry or the basement
  • If it tastes or smells bad, throw it away.
  • Avoid humidity and light, especially direct sunlight


The bottom line is, nobody wants to taste or smell anything unpleasant especially the products and goods that we are consuming, and CBD cultivators and manufacturers understand this. It is essential to find the best quality products and pay attention to the expiration date when purchasing them. You should also check the expiration dates frequently. Your CBD will maintain its freshness and potency if you follow the above precautions and stay aware of the expiration dates on the bottles and packages.

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